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  • Company profile

    Company profile

    2020-08-25 [ Company profile ]

    Our company is furniture factory integrating industry and trade,mainly engaged in the sale of office chair and gaming chair.So,we can guarantee high quality and low price.......


  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    2021-04-01 [ Quality Assurance ]

    Our workers will do a good job on quality control of every product,wish we can give you the best experience.


  • Quality Inspection

    Quality Inspection

    2021-04-01 [ Quality Inspection ]

      The picture on the left is our staff conducting quality inspection. Every time we produce a batch of products, we will randomly select several for quality inspection to ensure the quality of the products.......


  • Packaging process

    Packaging process

    2021-04-01 [ Packaging process ]

    The picture on the left is our staff packing the products. Our staff will conduct a second product screening, check the order number and customer information, and seal the box after there is no problem.......


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